Full Blueish Green Jadeite Jade Bangle 55mm


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Full Blueish Green Jadeite Jade Bangle 55mm


Finish off your ensembles with the exquisite beauty of this one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, wearable art created by mother nature.

  • Full blueish green with faint grayish pattern, + imperial green color veins
  • 100% natural, unbleached, unfilled and un-dyed Type-A jadeite jade
  • Jadeite origin: Burma (Myanmar)

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**See detailed description of the item below.

Out of stock

This breathtaking bracelet is made from unbleached, unfilled and un-dyed precious Type A jadeite stone, allowing you to enjoy its innate beauty the way Mother Nature intended.

The natural full blueish green with faint grayish pattern makes this bracelet incredibly striking and one that you’ll find yourself admiring over and over.

Jadeite has the highest hardness and density among the jade family, and it’s the most valued jade.  Jade is traditionally seen as a symbol of luck, so this piece makes an excellent gift of congratulations for a graduation, an engagement, a birthday or another occasion. The bangle can be worn for casual and dressy occasions alike.

**Note: All pictures are taken under natural window light or outdoor light without post processing for showing the bangles’ true colors as close as possible. The bangles are captured in close-up shots for showing the surface details.

{Detailed Description}

Bangle size: 55 mm (inner diameter)
Weight: 71.2 gram
Bangle measurement: 8.6mm thickness (between inner and outer circumferences); 16.2mm width
Translucency: semi-translucent [nuo zhong]
Texture: fine-coarse (relatively old mine, [jiu keng])
Color: bluish green base + faint grayish white + imperial green color veins
Natural Imperfection: There are some minor natural stone lines that cannot be felt with fingernail. There are some tiny nicks that are hard to be noticed.
Jadeite Type: 100% natural, Type A (unbleached, unfilled and un-dyed)
Jadeite Origin: Burma (Myanmar)
ECO Friendly: We support Trees for the Future to PLANT A TREE for every piece of jewelry you buy

{How to Measure Your Jade Bangle Size}

Measure the distance between the middle of your index finger knuckle and little finger knuckle in millimeter (mm), and this will be your jade bangle size. See picture below for illustration.


**Tip: You probably could wear a smaller bangle of up to 2-3mm less than your measured size for a closer fit to your wrist.