September Birthstone

september birthstone

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Blue Sky and Blue Sapphire

Looking up at the night sky, ancient civilizations often questioned the cause of their existence. Many myths and folklore were created to somehow explain the unexplainable. The beauty of the sky is something that can take your breath away and the September birthstone is said to be a reflection of this breathtaking sky. Since the sky so closely resembled a blue sapphire, many ancient civilizations actually concluded that the world was set to a enormous sapphire in the sky.

History of the September Birthstone

The sapphire is derived from the Greek word for blue. Royalty has always been fascinated with this gem and that resulted in blue sapphires becoming synonymous with royalty and prestige. Wisdom and purity are said to be the meanings of this gemstone that has often been used to create British crown jewelry.

Significance of the September Birthstone

The significance of sapphires began in ancient times. This gem was often used to ward against evil spirits and shield off envy. It was even said that you could prevent poisoning by simply wearing this gem. It was believed that if a venom filled snake was touched by sapphire, it would lose its ability to poison. Other illnesses thought to be cured by the September birthstone include colic, mental illness and blindness.

Details of the Sapphire

Sapphire derives from the mineral that is known as Conundrum. This mineral comes in every different color possible and each color creates a specific gem. For example, green is emerald and red is known as ruby. However, the most valuable and sought after color is blue, which describes the sapphire. This gem was first discovers as early as the 7th century and has been mined from locations throughout the world. The durability and hardness of this gem is admired and a very special sapphire was even found in India.

In India the most valuable and unique sapphire was discovered. This sapphire has a unique star pattern that has been cut to reflect light and show off the beauty of this gem. In total this gem is 563 carats and is housed at the American Museum of Natural History.

Heaven on Earth

The sapphire pays tribute to the sky and is often referred to as heaven on earth. The beauty of the blue September birthstone has been a part of history from the beginning and was used as a tool to better understand our origin.


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