October Birthstone

october birthstone

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Opal is Beautiful as Love

The October birthstone is opal and this gemstone is unlike anything you have ever laid your eyes on before. It comes in a wide variety of colors and shades that are as vast as the rainbow. The name opal comes from a Latin term that means precious jewel. What makes opal really stand out from other gems are the reflection capabilities of this stone. Opal reflects light in the most magnificent way and reflects specific wavelengths of light.

History of Opal

The existence of opal can be traced all the way back to prehistoric time periods. Opal is a form of Silica, which is a mineral that exists near the surface of the earth. However, over time the Silica was combined with water to form opal. Opal is a gem that doesn’t have high levels of strength or durability. It can be easily cracked and broken. There are many different types of opal, but the most pure forms have the most value and are the most scarce.

Symbolism of Opal

Opal has many meanings in ancient history, but it is often used to signify faithfulness and confidence. This October birthstone has a beautiful appearance, but an even more appealing meaning. Opal was always treasured, because it was found to have healing powers. It was said to have protective properties that could ward off evil spirits and distract danger. In most instances, pearls were used to line crowns and complete necklaces. Eyesight protection was also believed to be a power that opal possessed. In extreme cases, opal was even ingested to offer healing and keep night terrors at bay.

Pink Tourmaline and the October Birthstone

Opal is not the only birthstone for the month of October. Pink Tourmaline is the alternate birthstone and has a much different appearance than opal. When this gem is heated, it has the ability to produce a static electric charge. That means that lightweight objects are often drawn to this gem. In ancient times this power was not understood as static electricity and this gem was known to have mysterious and majestic powers. Wearing this gem was believed to make thinking more stimulated and ideas were said to be more thought out. This gem has a beautiful light pink color , but it is also found to come in other contrasting shades of red.

Both October birthstones have rich history and were believed to be majestic gems with countless powers.


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