November Birthstone

november birthstone

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Golden Powers of the November Birthstone

November is one of the rare months that has two different birthstones. The November birthstone is described as being either citrine or topaz. Both of these gems have a golden tone and have believed powers that are stronger than their appearance.

The History of Citrine the November Birthstone

Citrine is a scarce gem that wasn’t really found to exist until just before the first century. The Romans are the fist civilization to actually wear citrine, because they crafted it into very polished fates that were placed into other jewelry items like crowns and necklaces. The golden tone of this gem made it a very popular option during the Romantic Period. However, not everything about citrine could be seen in its appearance.

Symbolism of Citrine

This November birthstone also had deep meaning due to the magical powers that it was said to possess. Both evil thoughts and ailments were believed to be cured by this magical gem. Even medicinal properties were said to come from citrine and many people used this gem to thwart off both kidney and urinary sicknesses.

Details of This November Birthstone

Citrine is closely related to the amethyst in appearance. Both are metamorphic rocks , but citrine was exposed to heat that turned the amethyst into a different type of gem. Molten rock changed the color to a golden quartz, which is the signature of citrine. However, it is due to this exposure to heat that citrine should not have overexposure to the sun. The heat from the sun will over time change the color of this unique gem. The intensity of the color can be magnified when heat is applied.

Topaz is also a November Birthstone

Citrine may be a popular option, but Topaz is a great alternative birthstone for the month of November. Just like Citrine. Topaz has a golden color. However, the color of topaz is often classified as more yellow in nature. Egyptians even believed that the golden color of topaz was a cast of the sun produced by the God Ra. The range of the yellow color can vary depending on the clarity of the gem.

Significance of the November Birthstone

Both the citrine and the topaz have a golden tone and both gems are symbols for hope and strength. Your ability to give and receive love is said to be enhanced by these gems.


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