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may birthstone

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The Significance of Rebirth and Emerald Green

The May birthstone is known as the emerald, but this gem has much more significance and meaning throughout history. The brilliant deep green color of the emerald is believed to signify rebirth and growth that is found during springtime. This beautifully colored stone is very distinguishable and it is often filled with many cracks in its surface. This is a characteristic of the emerald that was categorized by the French. The French often referred to the emerald as jardin, which is a word used to describe the foliage of this precious stone.

Ancient History and the May Birthstone

Ancient Romans believe that the emerald signified fertility and life. This gemstone was used to reflect the beauty and goodness of the goddess Venus in Greek mythology. Ancient Egyptians even mined for emeralds as early as 2000 years before the birth of Cleopatra. These Egyptians even braved very adverse conditions to find these precious gemstones. Heat, snakes and scorpions were no match for the pull of this glorious deep green May birthstone. Cleopatra was especially fond of emeralds and she was famous for wearing them and giving emeralds as gifts to other dignitaries.

How Are Emeralds Formed?

The May birthstone comes from the Beryl family of minerals and is a crystal that is formed very slowly. This mineral is often small in size and restricted, which makes large emeralds very rare and very valuable. This stone is very durable due to its hard likeness. However, the small cracks found in the emerald can easily crack and beak further. The cracks represent much more and have great significance. The beauty of the emerald is only amplified by the cracks and breaks in the foliage. This further exemplifies that beauty is gained over time and is found in the eyes of the beholder.

Meaning of the May Birthstone

Emeralds are not only synonymous birth and growth, but they are also believed to provide knowledge and wisdom. These attributes of knowledge and patience are also important to relationships. This popular symbol of love has much meaning and significance. Since emeralds are found to repress youthfulness and virility, these stones were often hurried in the graves with the dead. This was done to bring about rebirth and growth for the life that was lost. Rebirth has much meaning and is the significance that the emerald holds in both ancient times and today.


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