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march birthstone

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The Treasure of the Mermaids

The March birthstone is known as aquamarine, but this gem has a history that began long before it was established as a meaningful birthstone. Some legends say that aquamarine began as the treasure of mermaids living in the sea. This legend has given the stone of aquamarine many powers and specific meanings.

The Sea and the March Birthstone

Since the name aquamarine is derived from the sea water, it can only be assumed that the history surrounding this stone is greatly connected to water. Since aquamarine is believed to be the treasure of the mermaids, it was also believed to offer safety and protection to sailors on the sea. The healing and protection powers of this stone are also said to be more powerful when aquamarine immersed fully in water. This gives this stone different powers and meaning on both land and sea. Protection in the water changes to soothing powers on land. Ancient Romans believed strongly that aquamarine stones could make relationship problems go away.

Aquamarine was believed by Romans to be linked with Neptune who was the god of the sea. This connection was established due to the fact that Romans believed this Jewel had fallen from the sea and washed onto shore to offer safety. Many sailors that found this stone on the shoreline had it engraved with images of Neptune and wore this Jewel for added protection at sea.

Meaning of the March Birthstone

Since the powers of aquamarine stones are heightened with the use of water, this stone was said to have many healing properties. Many illnesses were believed to be fully cured with the use of wars and aquamarine. This includes diseases and illnesses that were associated with the mouth, heart and liver. The safety and protection tagged can be offered by the March birthstone is also said to be beneficial to many individuals in relationships. This makes the March birthstone the ideal anniversary stone that brings good luck.

Details of Aquamarine

This stone has a very specific color that only enhances its connection to the sea. The color of the aquamarine is often a light blue or blue-green teal. The most valuable shade of this March birthstone is the deep green-teal stones. This is due to the fact that this shade of aquamarine is more scarce, which makes it much more valuable. The Latin words for sea and water are where the name is derived and where much of the significance and meaning come from.


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