June birthstone

june birthstone

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The Humble Pearl

Every month is connected to a birthstone that offers significance and meaning. The June birthstone is no different and is reflected in the pure beauty of the pearl. This gem comes from a very humble form of the mollusk and turns into the beauty and elegance of the pearl. The origin of the pearl can be traced back to ancient civilizations.

Pearls and Tears

Many stories have been passed down to account for the history of this gem, but none are more meaningful than the connection to tears. It was believed by many Greeks that pearls were the hardened tears sent down from heaven from goddesses of love. These tears were said to have been spared in joy. Arab legend also has another origin for pearls and believes that pearls were formed by oysters in the depths of the ocean. The Chinese even have their own folklore for the June birthstone and believe that this gem comes from the brain of dragons.

However, the scientific origin differs greatly with these myths. Pearls are found in nature when parasites get in the flesh of oysters and nacre is produced. Nacre eventually turns into lustrous pearls and this is the origin of the June birthstone.

Details of the June Birthstone

The beauty of pearls has been admired for many years. This gem is available in a variety of colors including pink, gray and black. The shapes and size of pearls can also differ greatly. As a symbol of purity, the pearl signifies elegance and class that is priceless.

Alternate Birthstones

The June birthstone is not just the pearl alone. Other birthstones for June include the moonstone and alexandrite. Moonstone is named for its uncanny resemblance to the flicker of the moon. The color of this gem ranges, but blue- white shades are the most common. Alexandrite has a more yellowish brown tint and can also change colors to red, when exposed to light. Although all threes gems are birthstones, it is widely regarded that pearl is the most popular June birthstone of all.

It does not have to be just one birthstone for each month and June is a great example of this. Pearl is the most popular birthstone for June, because of the humble beginnings of this glorious gem. The origin is almost as stunning to believe as the many folklore stories.


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