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july birthstone

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The Passion and Rich Color of Ruby

Passion and love are often reflected in color as the shade of red. Ruby is the July Birthstone and the color of the gem is often described as rich, deep and majestic. The deep red shade of ruby is what you first notice, but after further inspection you have the ability to see the simplistic beauty of this gem. The name for this July birthstone is derived from the term Rajnapura, which is Hindu for King. Ruby is often referred to as the King of all gems for many different reasons. Not only did the beauty of the ruby add value, but the magical powers of this stone made it priceless.

Significance of the July Birthstone

Ruby was worn in ancient times to ward against evil of all kinds. Myth recounted that rubies would change color under the presence of evil and that the return of the natural shade would represent the removal of evil forces. If a ruby was ever stolen, it was said that the color of the gem would turn deep and dark until the ruby found its way back to the original owner.

What Did the Ruby Represent?

What made the ruby so powerful was what this gem represented in ancient times. The July birthstone was believed to represent both heat and power. In some instances, ruby was used as an actual weapon to fight against evil. Rubies were often used in blowguns as a form of ammunition or bullet. It was also said that water would warm at the presence of this gem.

Details of Ruby

The Latin word used for Ruby has a meaning of red. This is due to the deep color of this precious stone. Ruby is found as a crystal within metamorphic rock and it is a very hard and durable mineral. The diamond is the only other mineral that is stronger than the ruby. Rubies vary in color, but those gems with the most pure red tone are often the most valuable. Large rubies of deep red are extremely rare and are often found to be almost priceless in value.

Myth of the July Birthstone

Ancient History suggested that the red glow of this gem was produced by the internal flame that can’t be put out. As a symbol of good fortune, the ruby is an exquisite gem with much significance and power.


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