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december birthstone

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Brilliant Blue of December

Just like the month of November, the month of December has different birthstones. Both tanzanite, zircon and turquoise are known as the December birthstone. All of these gems are extremely beautiful and have a deep blue color that is both tranquil and powerful. However, the history and significance of these gems differs slightly.

History of the Tanzanite

This gem was not actually discovered until 1967, so it has a much shorter history than other birthstones. This make the tanzanite one of the newest and more exotic gems on earth. Both blue and purple tones rage in color to produce the shade of this beautiful gem. This exotic color is similar to the color of zircon, but tanzanite has many more specs of purple to create a more diverse and exotic color. It is very difficult to find a tanzanite gem that is completely blue, because purple is almost always present in the color of this tone.

Details and Significance of This December Birthstone

When tanzanite is first mined it is often more blue in color. However, heat is applied to make the purple hints of color appear and produce a more appealing shade. This exotic color is what makes this gem so unique and special. This gem is not extremely durable and it is seen to be more brittle than other gemstones. It is common folklore that the herders who discovered this gem years ago noticed its appearance due to lightening. Lightening was said to have struck the gems , which caused brown steaks of burning to appear.

Turquoise the other December Birthstone

This alternate December birthstone is very similar to zircon and has the same iconic blue color that many find appealing. Turquoise was originally found in Turkey and then brought to Europe. The popularity of turquoise stems from its unique look and the fact that it was one of the first gems to be used for jewelry.

Healing and Turquoise

Both turquoise and zircon were believed to have healing properties. Ancients even believed that turquoise could be worn to ward off evil sprits and cure illnesses. This symbolizes both good luck and fidelity. Wearing turquoise is also said to be a symbol of openness and friendship.

There are different options for your birthstone in the month of December, but all of them offer beauty, significance and history that only add to their lore.


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