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Birth Flowers – Symbols & Messages:

What is your birth flower? Find your birth month flowers below, plus their symbols and messages.

January Birth Flower – Carnation

Symbol: Carnation symbolizes love, fascination and purity. They are given especially on Mother’s day.
Message: “My undying love for you.”

January Birth Flowers - Carnation


February Birth Flower – Violet

Symbol: Violet symbolizes faithfulness, Wisdom and Hope.
Message: “I’ll always be true.”

February Birth Flowers - Violet


March Birth Flower – Daffodil

Symbol: Daffodil symbolizes friendship, happiness, spring and rebirth.
Message: “ I am so happy to be with you.”

March Birth Flowers - Daffodil


April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea

Symbol: Sweet Pea symbolizes blissful pleasure or good-bye.
Message: “Thank you for a lovely time.”

April Birth Flower – Sweet Pea


May Birth Flower –Lily of the Valley

Symbol: Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility.
Message: “ You have made my life complete.”

May Birth Flower –Lily of the Valley


June Birth Flower – Rose/ Honeysuckle

Symbol: Rose symbolizes love, passion and appreciation.
Red rose message: “ I love you.” “Be mine.”

June Birth Flower – Rose


July Birth Flower – Delphinium/Water Lily

Symbol: Delphinium symbolizes the feelings of open heart, sweet and joyful.
Message: “ I open my heart for you.”

July Birth Flower – Delphinium


August Birth Flower – Gladiolus/Poppy

Symbol: Gladiolus symbolizes strength and moral integrity.
Message: “I pierce my heart with passion.”

August Birth Flower – Gladiolus


September Birth Flower – Aster/ Morning Glory/Forget-me-not

Symbol: Aster symbolizes Patience, Daintiness, magic and love.
Forget-me-not message: “Please remember me forever”

September Birth Flower – Aster


October Birth Flower – Calendula/ Marigold

Symbol: Calendula symbolizes protection, comfort, and healing.
Message: “ “My thoughts are with you.”

October Birth Flower – Calendula


November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum

Symbol: Chrysanthemum symbolizes long lift, cheerfulness, friendship and joy.
White chrysanthemum message: “My love is royal to you.”

November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum


December Birth Flower – Holly/ Narcissus

Symbol: Narcissus symbolizes sweetness, self-esteem and success.
Message: “ You are the special one.”

December Birth Flower – Narcissus