August birthstone

august birthstone

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Volcanic Fire of the Peridot

Some gemstones are formed from volcanic activity and extreme heat. The August birthstone of peridot is one of the most popular gems produced by volcanic activity. This gem was first discovered many years ago by natives living in Hawaii. However, these natives could not explain the origin of the peridot, so they came up with their own folklore to explain this glorious stone. They believed that the peridot crystals were tears shed by Pele. Pele is the Volcano goddess and this was how the peridot gems were originally explained. This August birthstone has always been used as a way to better connect and understand the nature.

History of Peridot

The Latin word for Peridot comes from a term that means gem. In ancient Egypt peridot was referred to as the gem of the sun. This was due to the amazing glimmer and shine that peridot produced on the sand. The sun made it difficult to spot the peridot, because the shine and shimmer was so bright. This led many miners to look for the August birthstone during the night to avoid the glare of the sun. Therefore, the peridot was also commonly called the evening gem.

Beauty of the August Birthstone

Peridot is always a yellowish-green tint that had many uses in ancient times. The purpose of this gem was not limited to just beauty alone. Peridot was also found to symbolize strength and vitality. This gem was commonly used to ward off evil spirits and was often used to calm night terrors. Simply having a peridot gem near you while you slept would allow you to shake the evil spirits that were trying to get you. The August birthstone not only offered protection from evil spirits, but it was also a remedy for sickness. Sometimes peridot gems were even ground into powder form to help combat asthma and soothe fevers.

Nature Lives in Peridot

Peridot is formed by volcanic activity and the force of nature can still be found. Although the healing properties of the August birthstone can be debated, it is not possible to question the beauty and exquisiteness of this gemstone. There is no other gem in existence quite like the peridot and natives in Hawaii had only folklore to explain the origin. The attributes of peridot are very appealing and make it a great symbol for birth in the month of August.


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