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april birthstone

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Stunning and Simple April Birthstone

Each month has a symbol or stone that it is connected to. The birthstone for April is the diamond and this unique stone has become one of the most popular in the entire world. The composition of the diamond is especially simple, but the beauty of this stone is exquisite. The diamond is white and clear, which is seen as pure and powerful.

The History of the April Birthstone

Hindus in ancient times referred to this stone as Vajra, which has a meaning that is similar to lightening. The sparks of light that are reflected by this stone are what was used to name the diamond. The strength and durability of the April birthstone were also revered by ancient Hindus. No other substance on earth has the durability and strength that a diamond possesses.

The Power of the April Birthstone

Diamonds have always been a part of history, because they are found to be one of the most appealing stones on earth. Since ancient times, diamonds have been used to embellish jewelry, crowns and swords. However, the powers of the April birthstone are not limited to just beauty alone. Although beauty is one of the main attributes of the April birthstone, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the diamond.

Significance of Diamonds

Diamonds are also believed to have very meaningful medicinal purposes. In ancient times, diamonds were used to offer healing for many illnesses and diseases. However, the healing properties of diamonds were said to be aided by heat. This resulted in diamonds being warmed and then placed in bed with sick individuals.

History of the April Birthstone

Diamonds are formed deep under the earth’s surface through both pressure and heat. This causes the crystallization of carbon, which is responsible for the formation of diamonds. Diamond mining is said to be best in India, where he melt diamond gemstones are often found.

A Gift of Love

The April birthstone has also been described as a symbol for everlasting and pure love. For this and many other reasons, the diamond is the most popular stone for engagement rings. The promise of a great relationship is only enhanced through the gift of a perfect diamond. The value of a diamond is directly connected to the cut and facet of the gem. Throughout history the diamond has always been seen as appealing and this is especially true today.


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