A Talented America’s Top Model

Allison Harvard Interview - by LoveGem Studio

At the moment I first saw Allison in cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model, I could not take my eyes away from her.

She is so unique and attractive. Probably no one would think that nosebleeds are pretty, but Allison did. She is so fascinated by blood that he was jealous of Tyra Banks‘ nosebleeds.  

What else do you know about Allison? Allison is not just an American top model, she is also a talented artist, photographer, actress and internet celebrity.

She had also developed her own perfume called “Honey Blood”, composed and performed in a music video for her song “Underwater”.

It was my pleasure to have an opportunity to interview with Allison Harvard to find out more about her life, inspirations, and much more! Allison Harvard Interview:

Yin – LoveGem Studio: How do you like modeling? Has it changed your life in any way?

“Modeling allows you to play in someone else’s world for the day. I think that’s special. It’s always wonderful to be a part of someone’s creative vision too.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: Please share a fun/interesting/memorable anecdote during a modeling session.

“Honestly, I think the most fun you can have is when you’re working with friends. I have so many amazing memories from New York with my good friend Syrie. We would bounce ideas off of each other and devote entire days to building a set or scene for a photography project.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: What projects are your working on now and what’s on the immediate horizon?

“I live in Manila, Philippines for the time being and I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity. I have lots of exciting campaigns coming up and I am finishing up my second television show here for TV5 (Celebrity Dance Battle/as a judge). I would love to continue working in television as well as modeling. I cannot complain!”

Paintings by Allison Harvard

Yin – LoveGem Studio: You studied art from University of New Orleans. What made you get into art and painting?

“My mother is an art teacher. I’ve always loved to draw. Arts and crafts were a huge part of growing up in our home.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: What inspires your paintings?

“Too much. People, dreams, faces, experiences, daydreams, love, sadness, pain. We all have to put on a brave face in life but when I am painting I really do feel free.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: I am a big fan of your paintings. Which painting that you’ve done so far have you had the most emotional connection with?

“I am connected to all of them. PS thank you! :]”

Allison Harvard’s Photo-Shoot for L’Officiel Middle East

Yin – LoveGem Studio: ou have a huge following from all over the world, which can be found from the social media such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. What advice would you give to your fans on how to pursue their dreams?

“If it’s worth it, fight for it.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: Please, we want to know a little bit more about you 🙂

Favorite color: i love pastels. I really love light pink and cream colors.

Dream/favorite place to visit: My dream places to visit are: Scotland, Tokyo, and new Zealand.


Favorite song: Operator by Jim Croce

Favorite novel: The Valley of the Dolls

Favorite movie: Magnolia

Biggest role model: Too many. Role models have many faces.

Favorite food: Oh god. I love Frosting. I can eat terrible amounts of it with a spoon.”

Yin – LoveGem Studio: How do you like your rings from LoveGem Studio?

“You are such a talented treasure! Thank you so much. i absolutely love your clean, refreshing, and whimsical style.  They are beautiful.”

Allison Harvard Interview_Picture by Allison_Rings by Lovegem Studio


Thank you Allison!

allison harvard interview

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allison harvard interview

allison harvard interview allison harvard interview allison harvard interview



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