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Love is unconditional and not judgmental; it’s trusting and giving; it’s respecting the other person and being truthful; it’s full of hugs and kisses.
<strong>Jan L</strong>

Jan L

[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Sand“]Love is taking a piece of one’s soul but also giving a piece of your soul.[/testimonial_left]
Love is family, friends and the sweet moments we share!


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Nancy“]To me, love is caring more for someone else than you do for yourself – a giving and unselfish way of living.[/testimonial_left]
Love is something everybody deserves.


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Elaine R]Love is clear and pure and unconditional.[/testimonial_left]
Love is my husband and family.


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Isa V“]Love is sound of life![/testimonial_left]
Love is when everything he/she does makes you smile.


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Joy M“]Love is the ability to see that it is our imperfections that make us beautiful.[/testimonial_left]
Love is the feeling you get the 1st time you see one of your children born.


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Lynne B“]Love is everything.[/testimonial_left]
Love is Life.


[testimonial_left image_url=”” name=”Melissa M“]Love is family.[/testimonial_left]

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